Starter Page Just Showing Interesting Pictures of my Torture in Dover Delaware

Here’s just some of the recent photos I’ve taken of my skin if you can look at these and say that this is normal and no one is doing this to me then that’s absurd . Just by looking at the patterns and layers and how the material applied to the top layer of the skin just happens to be skin colored to hide it is a very odd coincidence

Evidence of my harassment and tortured at the hands of a highly skilled and dedicated group of CRIMINALS… what I have been put through is nothing less than physical and mental/pyschological Torture and terrorism. Kidnapping/held hostage, physically abused, assaulted, electrocuted, drugged, and on and on and on…. in many of these videos you can see some type of fibourous, transparent, meshlike material covering my entire body..every inch of skin is covered with this material… by observing the properties and structure of this material.. and the fact that such a substance MUST HAVE BEEN APPLIED TO MY BODY by a REAL HUMAN PERSON.. This can be concluded by the fact that the material is not only very evidently a manufactuered material, in almost all videos you can also see that this material has been covered over with ANOTHER LAYER of substance that is made to mimic the Human skin… it seems to be some sort of poly/plastic material moast likely atomized in the air in my enviroment (apt 301 at Mishoe Towers, Dover Delaware 19904) many times its revealed that thjis topmost layer of material has OBVIOUSLY been airbrushed or colored to MATCH MY TATTOOES ON MY BODY… this fact alone screams major HUMAN RIGHTS Violations…. as this has to been done while I am rendered unconcious.. as I have 0 recalection of anyone or anything ever doing this to me… Im a PC tech, and I NEVER leave my APT, so in many vids you will see major lacerations and cuts on me.. i never fell got hurt etc.. i just goto sleep fine.. the awake in morning severly mauled over with no recall of the events.. ALTHOUGH 4-5 times in the past 5 years Ive had whats referred to as “Sleep Paralysis” where i knew I was awake but couldnt move.. and I was trying to fight off some “things” that were grabbing and pulling my arms/legs.. Subvocalization is a way in which when you are saying something in your head.. your brain actually sends the electrical signal through the nerves to the muscles in the touncge/throat, and larnyx… in labrotory conditions, these signals could be easly registered with eeg contacts on the throught and neck… thereby literally READING YOUR VERY THOUGHTS So if a person is covered in this material from head to toe by some group… it would be used as the very thing that allows them to maintain dominance over the target, by knowing his every thought and planned course of action/defense etc… in this manner they would literally have a hostage situation and could manipulate and torture the individual… THIS IS HAPPENEING TO ME i Have over 50,000 pictures of this torture and more than 10,000 short video clips going back more than 10 years… But as you can see in these videos.. its obviously all in my head….. -Roger That

Theres no denying that something extremely STRANGE is going on with whatever is on my skin in the following video….